A graph of a website's "bounce rate" in Google Analytics.

If your nonprofit has a website, then someone should be watching your “bounce rate.” According to Google, the “bounce rate” is “the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page.” This rate measures the percentage of people that click on a link to your site and then instantly leave without going further. If users are leaving your nonprofit’s site without going into it deeper, then your nonprofit is missing opportunities to spread its message and to engage people.

The higher the “bounce rate,” the more people are leaving your site without looking at your other pages.  Luckily, if you make your homepage more compelling and the content more relevant to users, you can lower you “bounce rate” and help your nonprofit reach more people.

Here are three easy things to do to lower your “bounce rate”:

  1. Have a short load time for your homepage. How many times have we all been frustrated by a page that takes too long to load? If your nonprofit’s homepage take forever to load, people will hit that back button and not spend any time on your page. To decrease this time, try decreasing the number of images on your homepage or try making them into smaller files. This can by decreasing the image size or saving the image as a jpg, which loads faster than other image formats.
  2. Write great headlines for your homepage. When news articles have informative, interesting headlines, people are more likely to read the story. This same things works for your site. The headline is what often catches someone’s eyes first, so make sure it is written to draw the user in so that the person will stay on the site.
  3. Use keywords as often as possible. Try to use words that people would use to search for your nonprofit in both the headline and the content. People are more likely to stay on the page if they see their search terms on the homepage. This reads “relevant” to users, and thus keeps their interest.

Doing these three things will help lower your “bounce rate” and better your site. Without doing these things, you risk losing people to other websites and losing opportunities to spread your message.

Want to find other ways to lower your “bounce rate?” DeftCreative offers 20 more tips in this article.

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Food for Everyone Foundation

Example: Online Store At Food for Everyone Foundation

Product creation is great way for nonprofits to bring in additional income while building credibility and furthering their missions. For example, the Food for Everyone Foundation offers books, videos, CDs and other products online on everything from college-level agronomy texts using the proven Mittleider Method of food production to canned gardening seeds. Manuals, seminars and even fertilizer are also offered. They even sell electronic versions of some of the products that are available for download.

You don’t have to have physical products to create and sell online. Informational products are very popular today, like eBooks, white papers, special reports, audio MP3s and digital videos. You can even create online classes and courses using web conferencing and teleconferencing platforms, which are easy to learn and something even free, like FreeConferenceCalling.com. These can be both live and recorded.

The great thing about the Internet is that you can provide instant access to your products when people buy them. There is no need to wait for delivery, unless it is a physical product. Moreover, a Content Management System (CMS) like WishList Member makes it easier to organize your content and protect it. You can password-protect certain webpages that are only accessible for people once they have purchased the product from your site. You manage content on pages that people have to purchase access information to view them. You can even create a course or a membership site in which people pay monthly or annually to access your valuable information.

What product would you like to create for your nonprofit? What questions do you have about product creation? Answer by making a comment below. We will answer your questions and make suggestions in the comment section of this post.


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